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Hiring a property manager and why it is important

Posted by Castle Keep on July 22, 2023
Investing in real estate can be exciting.  It offers a great potential for generating passive income and long term wealth.  However, any seasoned real estate investor knows that managing properties can be time consuming and complex.  This is where hiring Castle Keep Property Management can benefit your overall investment.  We are professionals who can handle the day to day operations which will free up your time and ensure that your investment will thrive. 
In this blog post, we will explore the top benefits of hiring Castle Keep Property Management.
1. Time and Stress Management: The most significant advantage of hiring a professional property management company is eliminating from the owner the stress and time consumed on day to day tasks.  Castle Keep can handle all those tasks involved in managing your property, including, but not limited to: marketing, tenant screening, rent and common areas fees collection and general property maintenance.
2. Efficient Rent/HOA Collection: Consistent cash flow is the lifeline to any property.  Castle Keep has a well-established system in place for rent and common areas fees collection and late payments.  We enforce lease agreements and handle any necessary legal proceedings in the event of non-payment or eviction.  With Castle Keep handling all fee collections, you can enjoy a hassle-free stream of income.
4. Maintenance Repairs: Property maintenance and repairs can be a significant source of stress for landlords.  Castle Keep will take care of all maintenance and property needs in an efficient manner.  We have a network of trusted contractors and vendors ready to tackle your dilemmas.  We also provide a 24-hour emergency line for those middle of the night crises. 
5. Local Market Knowledge: Castle Keep has an in-depth knowledge of the local market.  We understand real estate market trends, pricing, and local regulations. This invaluable expertise allows us to advise you on setting competitive rental rates, maximizing your income and making informed investment decisions.  We ensure that we abreast of the local laws and regulations relative to short-term rentals or other matters that may affect your property.  We will make certain that your property is compliant with all rules and regulations. 
Hiring Castle Keep is a strategic decision that can greatly benefit your investment in the local real estate market.  Contact us today!

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